Customized Support Consultation

Let’s explore your unique situation and tailor an exclusive strategy.
We are proud to offer over 30 years of experience in the following key areas:
◆ retail / product distribution
◆ market entry
◆ localization
◆ real estate development
◆ marketing / promotion,
◆ launch / promotion events
◆ product development

Brand Expansion Strategy

Whether you’re looking to launch online or find a retailer for permanent distribution, you’ll need local distributors or retailer representation.

Through our network, we can quickly research and present an action plan to connect you with hundreds of potentially interested companies in Japan. Access local market distributors or wholesalers who possess the ability to place your brand into some of the biggest retail outlets throughout Japan. We have brand distribution in hot-spots including Miyashita Park, Seibu Department store, and Hikarie Mall in Shibuya.

In addition, we provide access to more than 2000 distributors through our popular trade event Plug In Exhibit, held twice a year, March and October, in Tokyo. If this could serve you, let’s discuss further how your brand could be represented at our upcoming exhibit. Please email us!

Digital Media Services

Get creative direction for your online Japanese branding and social media presence. We’ll collaboratively design and adapt your campaign, (including your brand look) to fit the Japanese consumer market.

We’ll put into action strategies that work best for your brand through the tools of localization, strategic “keyword” optimization, pay-per-click advertising, or translating your message and USP to successfully reach the widest Japanese audience.

Promotion & Marketing Solutions

Explode awareness of your brand in Japan! We collaborate closely with local social media influencers, bloggers, and PR & media agencies (for both digital and hard copy publication). Supavision is ready to create your customized localization campaign.

Get valuable content to your Japanese audience, including YouTube tutorials, brand introductions, event reports, model and product photo-shoots, and more. See some of our previous jobs on our gallery page.