Easily Plug Your Business Into The Japanese Market

Expanding your business in Japan? Your business needs specific channels, networks, and distribution chains to get to profitability in Japan ASAP.

SupaVision is the Japanese Brand Expansion Consulting Agency in Tokyo.
With 30 years successfully supporting international brands in Japan (Keep reading to see our partners). We’ll boost your brand to reach top-of-mind awareness with the unique Japanese consumer.

Our services include:

Introducing the right channels for your product or service to get established in Japan fast.

Facilitating everything from initial dialogues and test campaigns to final placements.

Identifying the unique Japanese keywords for SEO optimization.


Brand Expanding Specialties



This is not about us – it’s about you and your audience! Japan is a unique market with unique challenges and hazards. Your brand doesn’t need to join numerous international businesses that got lost in the confusing maze of Japanese business and consumer culture.

Join the safety of our established network, where we can navigate your brand to success in the Japanese marketplace.

We’ve built the local knowledge, trusted networks, and a track record of success, that will let your ambitions flourish in Japan.

SupaVision founder Soren “Cash” Petersen (from Denmark) has spent 30 years in Japan with his roots in music, entertainment, and business event production. Through steady evolution and a bright trail of successes Soren built SuperVision to be the go-to agency for international brands and businesses seeking entry to the Japanese marketplace.

SupaVision is your Japan brand expansion partner.
We guide global-minded brands to reach their international
ambitions across cultures.

Our Story

In the wake of the global pandemic in 2020, demand from global brands seeking to expand in Japan has exploded. Initially, we were helping existing customers and supporting new brands through referrals and introductions.

Our success in 2020 prompted us to expand our scope and reach out to new brands and potential friends like you.

With the recent exponential rise of eCommerce, the traditional barriers to the Japanese market are coming down and there are more opportunities than ever before. The team at SupaVision is ready to guide you to success in Japan.